March 15, 2010

New Horizons For African Football

Initial reports indicate that in this first phase, from South Africa for more formal welcome and happy hosts of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. 2006 Product in Germany, losing 15 May Date, 2004, as having received notification that it was marked at the time in the history of South Africa the first African country has organized several World Cup series and the honor of the 16th Such state has become.

There are two main stadiums in Johannesburg will be used for events. Soccer City, built in 1987, room before the game. Stadium and a capacity of 94.700 people, a large and fairly large to act as a platform for an interesting tournament. Currently repairs are made to ensure the stadium is best for the year 2010. If one is being created under construction, the same roof is a new changing facilities and floodlights. Levels above and around the stadium would be improved.

Another important 2010 World Cup stadium that will be used for Alice's Park, just minutes from downtown Johannesburg. Created in 1982 included at Ellis Park, a world-class, art stadium, which features only provide facilities and security of the State concerned. Stadium is ready in 2010, is also improved. Currently, a new level of running events for the construction of 60,000 is to increase the capacity of 10.149 places.

It can be said that in South Africa 2010 World Cup a second time designation of such period, both the quantity and quality of African football, especially in difficult start has been built. In the early days of football in the strict racial segregation in South Africa, is affected system. South African Constitution may be prohibited racially mixed teams to compete globally competitive only if all or only send black and white to all teams.

Meanwhile, the history of football in Africa as a whole is a deep history has not only on the game magic, racism, contain a lot of money, and complexity. Football game, but also reflected by the money as revenue in the form of poverty in Africa, not just a game of unequal players. In all European countries were making money and frowned system. African football, however, continue to push the complex system and often the team in total style of the game striking, individualistic a company is not marked.

Development of Africa in recent years, a lot of football shows, with the increase, such as Steven Pienaar and Aaron Mokoena African soccer players with a global identity. Johannesburg, South Africa, Pienaar was Bafana Bafana (Soccer Team South Africa), who was born in 2006, the team in Germany and Borussia Dortmund midfielder from South Africa. Meanwhile, Mokoena was to Bafana Bafana captain and the youngest player ever to play for the team.

One thing is certain: Regardless of outcome, 2010 FIFA World Cup in fact a long history of development of football in Africa to highlight it.

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